OLMUN 2015 — ›role play‹ of real UN

HWG-DelegierteFour challenging days, serious topics and lots of international contacts: that was Oldenburg Model United Nations (OLMUN 2015)

11 Heilwig students from the year 9 ›WP Kurs Social Science‹ and another 750 people between 14 and 25 Years of age (Internationals, but mainly from Europe) represented one of the 192 states of the world's biggest political organisation—the United Nations. MUN is a virtual ›game‹ of the real UN.

übersichtIn OLMUN every country had 2 to 5 delegates/presenters. They came from Europe, America and also from far away Africa. Every state was represented at OLMUN, like in the real UN. Our Heilwig delegations were: Tunisia, Swaziland and United Arab Emirates.

In Oldenburg there was an opening and closing ceremony, a very serious, realistic dress-code (see our pictures), and fruitful discussions about serious main topics in one of the various committees (HRC, SC, GA 3-5, etc.).OLMUN is an amazing experience. You can get a lot of new friends and international contacts. I was glad to present Tunisia at OLMUN 2015 and I am looking forward to the next year.

HWG-Delegierte»Stand up to change the world! To make the world better step by step! Together we can make everything possible!« // Oldenburg Model United Nations //
Article by Victoria Tessényi, 9a