Dear Readers, between the 13th of June and 16th of June we were in Oldenburg to participate in this year’s OLMUN (Oldenburg Model United Nations). Model United Nations are when students from all over the world pretend to be members of the United Nations representing different countries. This year we represented the Bahamas, Cambodia, Georgia and Mauritius.

On Tuesday we arrived in Oldenburg, as did the other 800 students. First we went to the Opening Ceremony. We heard a couple of Opening Speeches and were also introduced to the schedule. Later in the evening there was a Barbecue where we met a lot of new people from different committees and we had so much fun dancing and hanging out with the others. On the next day the first community session took place.The sessions were from 9am to 5pm.

On Wednesday there were more committee sessions.  After the committee ended we went to the Dobbenwiese and meanwhile we could go to a rally and explore Oldenburg while doing tasks. On Thursday there was a party at the Amadeus Oldenburg, it was the last evening of our adventure in Oldenburg. On Friday, the last day in Oldenburg there was another committee session but it ended much earlier than usual and at the end we went to the closing ceremony.

After that we went to the train station to come back to Hamburg… you probably won’t believe what happened but let me tell you. The train had to drive to Bremen at 4 o’clock but due to some difficulties they said that the train will probably drive with an hour of delay. We waited but it came out that the trains wouldn’t drive at all because the bridge was unstable and they suggested we take the replacement bus.. guess what! There weren’t any buses! There was only one bus which drove to Bremen and that was it. We waited and waited… It was 7:45 and we gave up hope and called our parents to come to Oldenburg so that they could drive us back to Hamburg. But at the end a train drove to Bremen and after changing to the train to Hamburg we finally arrived at home!

We all were scared of this trip at first. We were one of the youngest there and really had no idea what to expect. But it turns out that trying things you’re scared of is one of the most rewarding things you can do. We met a lot of amazing new people and even though things did not always go as planned, we enjoyed it and are very grateful for this experience.

Special thanks to the Schulverein for supporting this trip.

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